VTM (Video Teller Machine)

VTM (Video Teller Machine), normally called remote intelligent teller machine or virtual teller machine. It combines financial self-service terminal, HD video communication, remote teller service processing system, enables remote counter service mode in replace of man power counter service mode.

It splits the flow of man power counter service, provides 7*24 continuous service, integrates and optimizes existing resources, helps the banks gain competition advantage, build smart bank brand.

HD Video

  • HD video communication, serve the customer remotely.

Service Integration

  • Cover 90%+ counter services, high user experience
  • Support corporate, personal financial demand

All-around service

  • Service split-flow, more custom-tailored
  • 7*24 continuous service

Efficiect operation

  • Raise efficiency
  • prevent from business risks

Remote Bank Concept

  • Site Transition: relocate parts of counter services and cash service, release the tellers and let them do work with more value involved. extend the site the high-end community and self-service deposit site, via technical methods, adopt “service aggregated, background processing” way, ease counter stress, extend service channels.
  • Build intelligent, small size modern bank, community bank, establish brand new business mode
  • Through full-course assist and guidance from remote clerk, promote user experience, which is not provided by on-line banking and mobile banking
  • Promote user experience, 7×24, prompt, one-stop banking service

Friendly Experience

  • High integration, compact structure, high performance
  • Sitting/ Standing structure design, worktable style, friendly UI, traditional function layout.
  • All function modules within user reach. Slightly leaning UI display, easy to operate. Promote user experience, 7×24, prompt, one-stop banking service