Our company has about 25 years of experience in manufacturing ATM’s. Refurbishment is done with high level of competence and experience. Refurbishment processes can be summarized as a complete remanufacturing of the ATM’s. Aim of these processes is that the device deploy robust and smooth operation like the first day. Robust and smooth operation of the device is preferable to the appearance of the device.

It is ensured that potential problems are prevented with the carefulness of material quality and workmanship. Our approach to remanufacturing process is highly dependent on checking every pieces with care and renewing all parts with high quality materials and spare parts.

Our team is, more than 30 professionals, capable of remanufacturing all types of ATM’s which can be used technologically. The PC, MCRW and K / B components are replaces with new model devices, if necessary, to match the ATM’s equal to their modern equivalents.

  • During the refurbishment process, all parts of the ATM are separated from each other and checked. All gears, belts, rollers are renewed with high quality parts without exception.
  • The paint on the cabin is taken by sandpaper and body surface is cleaned. The surfaces of the cabin are done to roughing according to their original shape. The cabin is painted by original colour and quality dye.
  • Cabling parts are cleaned with non corrosive solution. The SDC cable is completely replaced. Cable shields are renewed.
  • All the metal parts that have been removed are passed through the plating process. All spare parts covered with metal parts are replaced and assembled without exception.
  • Every part is reassembled into the body carefully after the cleaning and caring processes are done.
  • Electronic cards are also subjected to maintenance and replacement, all fans are renewed.
  • EPP K / B can be adjusted to the desired language after renewal.
  • Cables and modules are assembled to cabin. Installation of the front panel with the modules and installation of the led lighting panel used in today’s technology is done.

The following models are in our stock and being revised serially. The same processes can be applicable for different brands and models according to the demand.